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1.750" Coil Connector, Roll-On, Anti Rotational - 0.109 WT x 1.500" AMMT


1.75″ Coil Connector, Internal Dimple-On, 1.500″ AMMT Pin

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The GDI Heavy Duty Hydraulic Disconnect is designed to endure even the most rigorous and demanding coiled tubing applications. The HD hydraulic disconnect allows the tool string to detach at a predetermined point via the deployment of a suitable drop ball through the coiled tubing. The drop ball locates onto the piston sleeve creating sufficient back [...]

Global Dynamics Motorhead Assembly combines our Dual Flapper Check Valve, our Heavy Duty Hydraulic Disconnect, as well as the Dual Activated Circulation Sub.  The choice of tubing connector is not dictated by the Motorhead, therefore giving the operator the flexibility to choose the most appropriate connector to suit the application.  With a considerable reduction in [...]