Smart-Link is a downhole sensor system used to provide real-time information about downhole conditions during milling and various other operations, it is for use on E-coil.

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SMART-LINK System Real-time Data Service

A successful operation is a delicate balance of dynamic parameters that affect a remote process. Coiled tubing operations benefit from having real-time data to monitor and control that complex process. Whether it’s milling plugs, fishing, performing cleanouts or delivering unique intervention solutions, having the ability to understand exactly what is happening downhole and use this information to make decisions and optimize the operation is paramount to safety and efficiency. Add the ability to utilize common logging tools, or other electric downhole solutions, and you have a well equipped toolbox to tackle the worst challenges that a wellbore can produce.

Global Dynamics’ Real-time Data Service is built on highly skilled field personnel who have the experience and knowledge to provide solutions, from the simple to the most complex. Our experts can deliver custom solutions using the SMART-LINK System. Knowing weight-on-bit, downhole pressures, temperature, vibration or where you are in the wellbore can be crucial information in the decision process and our field specialists are there to ensure that you have all the information available in real-time to support the best decisions possible.

The SMART-LINK System is an all-inclusive package to enable any coiled tubing unit to operate with real-time data services. The turn-key service can supply the Tubing Encapsulated Cable (TEC), inject this into coiled tubing and install the necessary surface bulkhead and downhole anchor components to setup the unit for real-time data services. When deployed for a job, the rest of the package is setup including the slip ring, surface data acquisition system and cabling. The downhole end is where the magic happens as our field specialists can install a variety of components compatible with TEC to suit the particular application. The full sensor package can be used for most coiled tubing operations to provide the critical information needed for efficient and safe interventions. Or the system can be configured to run common cased hole logging tools to perform advanced diagnostics or other electric tools to implement a unique solutions.




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